Be rude, let’s go grab the cake from internet celebrities together.

We are tired of the environment where internet celebrities dominate our sales channels.

We need to resist and reclaim the resources and channels that have been plundered by internet celebrities.

So we initiated this activity.

The activity is very simple.

You only need to do two things. The first thing is to promote our shampoo and get commission from it.

The second thing is to recommend more people to participate in this activity.

The more recommendations you accumulate, the more bonuses you passively receive each month.

Of course, experiments have shown that our shampoo does not only briefly improve hair like traditional shampoos.

After 4 years of experimentation, our shampoo can significantly improve hair.

And we recommend users to provide comparison videos before and after using shampoo.

People who promote shampoo can use these video materials to promote to others.

If you are interested, please send us an email And write your resume, we will proactively contact you.

Kérastase is committed to reducing packaging wherever possible, using less virgin materials and more recycled, recyclable and refillable delivery systems.

Beginning with shampoo bottles and branching out to more and more products, we are creating a sustainable packaging program, with many more refill innovations to follow.

Kérastase applies its innovative spirit to an entirely new shampoo delivery system that is more luxurious and sustainable than ever before. Available in five Kérastase ranges

Due to system construction reasons, we have not opened up more management tools in other countries, so we must rely on local communication, social and other tools to carry out activities.
For example, in China, we mainly communicate through WeChat and official account, Singapore, the United States, Canada and other countries through WhatsApp, and European countries through TG.
No matter what tool we use to communicate, we will always use email Assign recommendation codes.