Now more than ever, the world needs care – responsible and sustainable care. Since 2013, Kérastase has resolved to extend its expertise in the art of care by striving to minimizing its impact on the planet. Drawing on our excellence in innovation, we continue to find new ways to cut down on waste and empower our customers to make more sustainable choices.

We believe in care. Care for better. We’re optimizing our packaging, reformulating our products and reimagining the fundamentals of how we deliver hair care. We continue to pioneer the future of hair care while driving positive change and striving to build a more diverse, inclusive and responsible future.

 Rosa Carriço
Global President, Kérastase

Care for hair.

We provide the best of care for all hair and scalp types with effective and safe formulas.

Care for people.

We provide an empowering message with an inclusive vision of luxury.

Care for the future.

We prove luxury can be mindful of sustainability with innovative packaging.

Kerastase Commitment To Sustainable Packaging Shampoo Bottle

Kerastase is always looking for ways to optimize packaging, including using less virgin materials and more recycled materials, and a refillable delivery system. Beginning with shampoo bottles and branching out to more and more products, we are creating a packaging program that keeps sustainability top of mind.


*excluding the cap


**excluding the pump

Hair Oil***

***30ML and 100ML Bottles

Between 2020 & 2021


increase in use of recycled plastic.

In 2021

520 tons

first use of virgin plastic saved across the brand.

By 2025


of our plastic packaging will be made of recycled plastic.

By 2030


of the plastic we use will be issued from recycled of bio-based sources.